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    H-beam pile extractor manufacturer
    author:beiyi time:2018-06-14 Read:
    What is the type of H-beam steel pile?
    H-beam steel pile is along the retaining position pre-into the rail, I-beam or H-beam, spacing 1.0 ~ 1.5m, and then drilling, while the 3 ~ 6cm thick plate into the steel Between the retaining baffle, between the horizontal baffle and the steel into the wedge, so that the horizontal plate in close contact with the soil. H-beam Steel piles are mainly used for municipal construction, pipeline laying, tunnel engineering,sewage treatment, support construction, H-beam can be recycled.

    The Price Advantage of H-beam Steel Pulling mnachine
    Wuxi Beiyi machinery manufacturers with strong production capacity, high yield, high efficiency, human power and low power consumption, the relative reduction in production costs, coupled with Wuxi beiyi machinery for the direct sales of the manufacturer, Manufacturers independent research and development, sales, no brokers to participate, these are why Wuxi beiyi H-beam steel extractor is low price.


    The advantage of wuxi Beiyi factory.
    Excellent service !
    The company from the pre-sale, the comprehensive control, responsible for every link in customer's buying, the whole process of tracking, with patience, enthusiasm and enthusiasm for the development of a complete set of mature service rules system The attitude for the customer to answer, to solve the problem, so that customers operating equipment more convenient, The operation of H-beam steel sheet pile is more secure and efficient.
    Manufacturers production
    Beiyi machinery manufacturers covers an large area, large-scale production, manufacturers processing equipment, adequate assembly, production technology innovation, simplification, Beiyi machinery production strength and technical strength are very strong. Welcome to buy, real-time purchase can also enjoy the Beiyi machinery manufacturers low-cost preferential policies




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