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    The steel casing and pulling and driving machine
    author:beiyi time:2018-06-14 Read:
    In the process of drilling bored piles usually used steel casing, with 4mm-8mm thick steel plate
    1, positioning;
    2, to protect the orifice, to prevent the ground stones fell into the hole;
    3, to maintain the mud level (pressure), to prevent collapse;
    4, one of the basis of pile height control;
    5, to prevent drilling process in the sediment backflow.
    The depth of steel casing in the buried in the clay, the clay should not be less than 1m, in the sand should not be less than 1.5m, the general use of vibration pile hammer to hit a relatively stable formation.

    BEIYI pile hammer can pulling and driveing the steel casing. It is installed on the excavator, the use of excavator power, the use of hydraulic motor drive, resulting in high-speed rotation and vertical exciting force, through the vibration of rubber blocks, to maintain a certain amplitude, the pile into or out of the ground.
    Shock pile hammer is generally installed in the 20 tons and above the brand excavator , according to the length of the pile, the use of different tonnage excavator, according to the actual situation can also be arm or install piling arm. Due to the different quality of the excavator at home and abroad, its structure and power are very different, in order to ensure the vibration pile hammer normal work, it is recommended to use the famous brand excavator for installation, or to the manufacturer for detailed consultation.




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