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    Application of square pile and Hydraulic square pile driver
    author:beiyi time:2018-07-05 Read:
    Square pile refers to the reinforced concrete square pile, cross section is generally square, is made in the factory or construction site, pile section generally along the pile length unchanged. Solid square pile cross-section size is generally 200 × 200mm ~ 600 × 600mm. Generally use a square pile driver to pile into the soil.


    Square pile above the holding layer without dense sandy sand layer or mezzanine, site conditions permit, the cost conditions permit, the construction period required to use fast. 

    The square pile is mainly used in industrial and civil construction, railway, highway, bridge, pier, port and other engineering construction and large equipment foundation engineering, at the same time, it is easy to meet the design requirements, very low quality accidents rate.
    Before piling, the pile foundation should be determined according to the design drawings, and the exact location of the pile should be set on the ground. To take into account the intensity of the pile, the basis of the design elevation, site conditions, soil conditions, to determine the pile order.
    Square pile driver refers to the equipment installed in the front of the excavator, driver the pile into the soil. Beiyi mechanical square pile driver can generally play within 8m square pile.

    Working principle

    Vibrating pile hammer is using its high frequency vibration to vibrate pile body with high acceleration to pass the vertical vibration of mechanical produce to pile which leading to changes in the soil structure around the pile, strength decrease. Soil around the piles become liquefaction to reduce frictional resistance between side of the pile and the soil. Then using the excavator down force, vibrating pile hammer and pile body weight to sink pile into the soil. When extracting piles, in the condition of vibration to pull out the pile by using excavator lift force. Excitation force needed by pile driving machinery are comprehensive determined by site soil, soil condition, moisture content and type of pile, construction.
    Product application
    The efficient of vibration pile method is higher than other methods. It is mainly applied to steel sheet pile, steel pipe pile and long slender concrete precast pile within 8 meters. This pile driving method is the most suitable for working in sand and poorer effect in the clay which must select higher power model machines.




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