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    Engineering case

    Engineering case

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    • Application of square pile and Hydraulic square pile driver

      Application of square pile and Hydraulic square pile driver

      Square pile refers to the reinforced concrete square pile, cross section is generally square, is made in the factory or construction site, pile section generally along the pile length unchanged. Solid square pile cross-section size is genera…

      beiyi 2018-07-05 [Application]
    • Application of Pile Breaker

      Application of Pile Breaker

      The Engineering BEIYI Machinery BYCS Series Excavator Chick Shear, Undertake The Task Of The Demolition Of Reinforced Recycled, BYCS Series Excavator Chick Cut Site Construction Is Stable, Convenient Operation And Advanced Hydraulic System, …

      beiyi 2018-06-29 [Application]
    • Applications of Piling Driver

      Applications of Piling Driver

      Spiral pile is a kind of spiral features of the drill pile, since the invention since the replacement of the traditional concrete pillars and towers. Spiral ground piles are widely used in: solar base connection (photovoltaic project), fixed…

      beiyi 2018-06-29 [Application]
    • Application of Hydraulic Shear

      Application of Hydraulic Shear

      The construction of bridge engineering is a complex, cumbersome and meticulous work, and it is susceptible to other factors. Therefore, the use of bridge piling driver machine must follow the appropriate system to ensure that all aspects of…

      beiyi 2018-06-29 [Application]




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