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    BYKC60-excavator concrete compactor

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    1. Made of high strength steel plate,easy to install,easy to use.

    2. Installed with high strength ripper teeth,strong digging capacity;

    3. Convenient for digging and loading at the same time,high efficiency.

    4. Suitable for shoving hard substances such as hard rocks,frozen ground,stone and weathered granite to facilitable later operation.


    Electronic drive system is installed in the cab,the expensive hydraulic pressure is replaced by the electric power,which saves the cost from the production.Operators in the cab can easily turn on and turn off the quick hitch through the switch.

    Check valve Protection System:each cylinder installed safety check valve ensures that quick hich coupler can work when the oil circuit and the circuit is cut off.

    Safety Pin Protection System:security protection is customized for each excavator according to the different parameters.In the case of the failure of cylinder, quick hitch coupler can work regularly.
    1. Import sweden bearing,lower noise,higher reliable
    2. Import American pike hydraulic vibrate motor,more sturdy and durable
    3. Key position is used of high strength and wear-resisting to ensure the quality




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