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    BY-HC350 hydraulic concrete pulverizer

    • Product overview
    • Application
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    Operating principle: 

    Hydraulic pulverizer is composed with body, hydraulic cylinder, movable jaw and fixed jaw. 

    The external hydraulic system offer hydraulic pressure for the hydraulic cylinder to make the 

    movable jaw and fixed jaw open and close to achieve the effect of crushing objects.

    Engineering application scope:

    Apartment building, Workshop beams, Houses and other buildings demolition

      ·Steel recycling

      ·Concrete crushing 


    Strong strength=High Efficiency

    1.Work efficiency is two or three times than hydraulic breaker.

    2.Crushing forceps can be excellent to complete a series of operations that is 

    separating reinforcing steel from concrete block, bending and loading into the 

    trucks, which obviously improved the working efficiency.

    3.Fully mechanized work, safety and saving time.    


    Big up close=increase efficiency

    1.Bite dense with small gap;easy operation.

    2.Large opening design,working easily and conveniently.

    3.Equipped with steel bar cutter,the crushing forceps can operate two work at the same time, 

    crushing and cutting off exposed reinforced steel which making the crushing efficiency more higher.


    Sturdy and durable=cost saving

    1.Using Swedish high hardness of lightweight steel, solid and clinking.

    2.Fully understand the Chinese market use habits, strengthen focus on wear parts and structure with double life.

    3.Jaw teeth are made in special shape to firmly fix the concrete blocks, wedging and crushing, 

    in order to crushing quickly.Jaw teeth is very strong, with high wear resistance.


    Lightweight and quick=Create benefit

    1.Disassembling easily, exclusive oil circuit design,not only double the oil cylinder speed 

    but can be in common use of knapper, one machine with more task.

    2.Low noise, no vibration, meet the requirements of environmental protection, which are Suitable for city and high-tech zone demolition project.

    3.Hydraulic oil cylinder is equipped with a protective cover to obstruct the splash of concrete and steel debris.




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