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    Even wall hydraulic pile breaker

    • Product overview
    • Application
    • Product configuration

    Working principle

    Hydraulic pile breaker offer its several cylinders oil pressure through power source and cylinder directly drive the chisels and squeeze the pile body at the same time to break the pile. It operates easily and has high effiency, low noise, low cost in the pile cutting construction process, which is suitable for pile group in construction engineering. Hydraulic pile breaker machine adopts highly modular combinations and connect modules through axis pins. It can break piles in certain ranges of diameter by different number of modules combination.

    Engineering application scope

    Hydraulic pile breaker can break such like cast-in-place piles, precast piles etc. It can be divided into round,square and stainless steel series pile breaker by the different pile shape. Our hydraulic pile breaker is widely used in high-speed railway bridges and civil building pile foundation engineering. Normally hydraulic round pile breaker can break pile diameter from 200-2500mm which can meet the requirements of all kinds of large-scale infrastructure construction.



    Product parameters


    Max Thrust 320KN

    Single cylinder

    maximum flow


    Outer sized

     (Length * Width * Height)



    Cylinder Trip



     breaking size

    300mm Machinery Tonnage 20T

    Max Cylinder 


    30Mpa Cut Pile Dia 300-600mm Total Weigth 1650KG






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