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Bei Yi

    Hydraulic Shears

    BYCS450RT Hydraulic shear-excavator hydraulic shear
    Product Introduction Hydraulic Shear is suitable for various operations including breaking the steel structure scrap steel processing and other applications cut iron material steel tank and tube etc unique design and innovative ways t…
    Mechanical shears
    Product Introduction BeiYi Machinery continuously researches and develops the equipment for the destruction of construction machinery. Now mechanical shears has appeared on the market. This shear could be used in variety kinds of operations…
    Automatic inclined shears
    INTRODUCTION Many of our customers believe that our BYAIS scrap shears are designed to be a better choice for scrap metal processing and recycling industries. BYAIS scrap shears are driven by advanced hydraulic pressure which are smaller i…
    hydraulic multi kit serie
    BYMK200RT hydraulic multi kit serie hydraulic shear and pulverizer is a multi functional tool.It Can work under all working conditions by Use a completely new design of the general organization.Attach a variety of interchangeable disassembl…




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