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    BYCS350RT-scrap metal shears for sale

    • Product overview
    • Application
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    Product Introduction

    Hydraulic Shear is suitable for various operations, including breaking the steel structure, scrap steel processing and other applications, cut iron material, steel, tank and tube etc, unique design and innovative ways to ensure the efficient operation and powerful cutting force, than ordinary hydraulic shear performance beyond 15% .

    Product Advantage

    -Jaw size and special blade desigh to increase productivity. All hydraulic shears series can quick and convenient to replace the blade, can reduce machine downtime and optimize productivity.

    -Powerful hydraulic cylinders strengthened jaw mouth closing force, then can cut the most hardened steel

    -Hydraulic shears series are made from high-grade steel to ensure maximum strength of tool and the best wear resistance

    -Waterproof and corrosion-resistant design

    -Fully enclosed, steel structure, designed to eliminate or reduce any twisting or bending




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