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    BYDS650RT Double cylinder hydraulic shear

    • Product overview
    • Application
    • Product configuration

    Product Introduction

    The double cylinder hydraulic shear has improved the structure of existing double cylinder hydraulic pulverizer. The alloy blade is added in double cylinder hydraulic shears for steel shearing. The shearing force is much higher than same series of hydraulic shears, which improves the construction efficiency and meets the customer's demand for recovery of harder metals such as superhard steel plate and steel bar.

    Product Advantages

    1. 360°rotating 
    2. Upgraded wear-resistant design 
    3. Increased working speed with speed-up valve 
    4. Cutter guide blades prevent scrap jam outbreak 
    5. Cylinder protection cover,easily detached and installed 
    6. Ktr’s unique cutter array increase cutting force and productivity 




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