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    tree plant small excavators occupy half of market
    author:beiyi time:2018-07-09 Read:
    According to the statistical data of China Construction Machinery Industry Association, the sales and tonnage of China's excavator market from January to May 2018 have been released as shown in the figure.

     Sales changes 
    over the
    same period
    Total tonnage
     (Ten thousand tons) 
    Total tonnage 
    change over 
     the same period 
     Average tonnage 
    changes over 
    the same period
    Jan-May   105935 +60.2% 172.9 +74.3% 16.3 +8.8%
    May 19313 +71.35% 32 +78.9% 16.6 +4.4%
                             Sales and tonnage of China excavator market in From Jan to May 2018
    According to the table, the sales of the excavators in May are on the rise, which means that the amount of Engineering in our country is increasing and a large number of projects are being started. Of course, this may partly come from the replacement of the excavators.
    The increase in the sales of excavators is related to "The Road and Belt". Xinjiang, Shanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai and Mongolia belong to the northwest, Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning belong to the northeast, Guangxi, Yunnan, Tibet belong to the southwest.

    Market distribution and year-on-year change of domestic excavating machinery from Jan to May in 2018
    As you can see from the picture, "The Road and Belt" has led to increase sales of excavators in Central China, East China, Northwest, Northeast and Southwest of China.

    Product structure of Excavator Market from Jan to May in 2018
    According to statistics, from January to May in 2018, domestic sales of large, middle and small excavator were 14242, 25857, and 58,628 with market shares of 14.4%, 26.2%, and 59.4%, Less than 6 tons  micro-excavator and 6-13 tons small excavator occupy about half of the domestic market share. The market share occupied by micro and small excavator show that they have more projects than middle and large, for example, large-scale planting of green plants.
    The afforestation and ecological preservation that have been advocated has led people to attach great importance to the ecological environment. For example: the town of Banqiao and Nijiaying in Linze County are responsible for the ecological preservation of trees, the afforestation activities in Ganzhou District are in full swing.

    Tree planting

    Besides large number of people dig pits, large-scale planting of green plants can also use hydraulic earth drill to dig pits. An hydraulic earth drill is mounted on the front of an excavator and is known for its ability to dig holes quickly and efficiently.

    Mass dig pit

    Use hydraulic earth drill to dig holes-1

    Use hydraulic earth drill to dig holes-2
    Use hydraulic earth drill to dig holes-3




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