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    BEIYI equipments used in Rongou Express Railway
    author:beiyi time:2018-06-13 Read:
    On April 27th, 2018, Vienna Freight South Station, Austrian President Vanderbelle, Chinese Ambassador to Austria Li Xiaoyi, Austrian Minister of Digital and Economic Affairs Schlamberg, China Railway Group Chairman Mata and Chinese and Austrian governments, and economic circles. More than 100 people in total. They welcomed the arrival of the first China-Europe Bangli Europa Express. At 12:30.  41 containers were loaded with “Made in China” goods entering the station after passing through six Asian and European countries, which lasted 14 days and over 9,800 kilometers. 14 days ago, witnessed by the Austrian President and Prime Minister, the first European Express Railway to Vienna directly from the Chengdu International Railway Port. BEIYI equipments were also in this railway which including Vibratory pile driver, Hydraulic pile breaker, Hydraulic shear, Hydraulic earth drill

    Rongou Express Railway

    Vibratoty pile driver in Wooden box

    Product loading

    Container in Rongrong Express Railway

    Today, the Rongou Express Railway has successively opened Chengdu to Rhodes, Nuremberg, Tilburg, Moscow, Mara, Istanbul, Minsk, Smogan, Almaty, Prague, Tomsk, Tashkent, and Special international, sea and sea transport routes between Milan and ASEAN, 16 international train routes in total. It took the lead in building the Y-shaped international logistics channel from Chengdu to the west of Europe, from Russia to the north, and from ASEAN to the south.


    Rongou Express Line Diagram

    Domestic lines are also constantly encrypted into the Internet. At present, it has formed a class channel that will swiftly radiate 14 “Rongou+” cities along the coasts of Shanghai, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Rizhao, and Qinzhou, and expands the scope of source radiation to the Yangtze River Delta. Pearl River Delta, Bohai Rim and other economically developed regions.




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