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    BEIYI Pile Driver used in Grand Canal Revetment
    author:beiyi time:2018-07-09 Read:
    After years of investment and construction, in some relatively developed areas, the stage of large-scale investment in infrastructure has basically been completed. However, China is still in the stage of rapid development of industrialization and urbanization, and infrastructure, such as transportation, water conservancy, energy, information, and pipe networks, remains. There are many shortcomings, and the problem of inadequate development imbalance is still quite prominent.

    Traffic jam
    In recent years, Xiuzhou Transportation has closely focused on filling the shortcomings of the transportation infrastructure construction and enhancing the people’s livelihood. This is a big investment and a big construction endeavor. It will invest 5 billion yuan in 2016-2018 and focus on key projects. Build and construct a large-scale network layout of Xiuzhou Traffic Road, break the regional limitations, build a smooth road network, and promote economic development. Each backbone road network connects Jiangsu, Jiashan, Haiyan, Tongxiang and other places, which not only improves the traffic network structure of the city, but also builds Inter-provincial transportation, accelerating the development of modern integrated transportation in Xiuzhou District to achieve great development, to create a modern pastoral new Xiuzhou upgraded version is a good predecessor.


    Among them, the Xiuzhou section of the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal was reconstructed according to the standard of the third-class navigation channel, which was approximately 5.28 kilometers long, and one bridge was reconstructed, a new revetment of 9.5 kilometers, and one mooring area. The total investment is about 300 million yuan. The bored piles, cement mixing piles and U-shaped steel sheet piles in the anchorage area of Qiankou Village have now been completed, and the construction of the bank protection wall has started.

    Grand Canal

    Construction of bank protection of Grand Canal at Xiuzhou

    Grand Canal Revetment construction

    BEIYI Machinery is a manufacturer specialized in the production of pile-driving machinery. BEIYI attended the Grand Canal Revetment construction at the Xiuzhou section.

    BEIYI pile driver is installed on an excavator. Two eccentric shafts are built inside and driven by a hydraulic motor to generate high-speed rotation and vertical excitation force. After damping the rubber block to maintain a certain amplitude, various types can be achieved. Soil quality and piling requirements. Excitation force is proportional to the eccentric shaft size and the square of the number of vibrations. The eccentric shafts manufactured by Beibei Machinery have been calculated and tested in detail. They can both take into account the powerful excitation force and material properties, not only meeting the needs of the work, but also ensuring the machinery Reliability.

    At present, China’s infrastructure investment still has enormous space and potential. However, in the investment process, lessons learned in developed regions must be learned to avoid blind investment and redundant construction due to the pursuit of speed and scale.




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