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    Restart work and Come on Wuhan
    author:beiyi time:2020-02-11 Read:
    In the spring of 2020, a new type of corona virus was coming. Whole country get together fight against it.The virus is merciless, but we have love. Give honor and respect to anti epidemic warriors. Believe us, we can win the war.


    When waking up the first thing is to see latest epidemic situation in mobile phone From continuous change of data, I feel upset.

    There are many news about epidemic in the Internet, some are touching, happy, sad and abhorrent. From February 2rd to 10th, the returning time hasn’t decided. We don't know when we could go back to work. People of whole country felt that the holiday was a little long.

    In order to strengthen the prevention and control of epidemic effectively, block the spread of the epidemic, Our country strengthened traffic control. it affected the logistics of BeiYi.

    Many customers have placed orders in advance. After returning to work, Beiyi will deliver goods according to the order and specific situation. The inventory is limited. Order first, get first. In order not to affect the schedule, all customers who didn’t place order, hurry up!

    By-MK180s round pile breaker is suitable for pile diameter of 600mm-2500mm; While Square pile breaker is suitable for diameter of 300-650mm.


    The unique design and innovative of hydraulic shear ensure efficient operation and powerful cutting force, its performance is more than 15% higher that of ordinary shears.


    The hydraulic pulverizer is equipped with a steel bar cutter, it could do two operations at the same time, crushing concrete and cutting off exposed steel bars, so its operation efficiency is much higher.

    Hydraulic pile driver use vibratory to drive and pull piles, which is especially suitable for municipal, bridge, cofferdam, building foundation and other short and medium pile projects.





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