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    What is your outstanding point in Spring Festival party?
    author:beiyi time:2020-01-14 Read:
    What is your outstanding point in Spring Festival party? Excavator man use this 


    The Spring Festival (Chinese New Year), is a traditional festival in China, it is evolved from sacrifice in ancient times. It is a most solemn traditional festival in China also one of the four major traditional festivals.
    New year is coming, Let’s make a wish


    "Soul question" of Chinese relatives in New Year.
    Question 1: Have you fell in love? When will you get married?
    Question 2: How much money did you make this year?
    Question 3: what is your exam rank?
    Question 4: Why you become so fat, what did you eat?
    Question 5: What about you work?
    Question 6: When do you plan to buy a house?
    Question 7: You don't recognize me? I hug you when you were a child.
    What is your outstanding point in Spring Festival party?
    Single: I am free, I can do what I want to do
    Fall in love: Show love beauty or money
    Married: Show Baby
    But one of must-show is what about you in 2019, how much money do you make?
    So what does excavator man show? They show-who make more money
    Today Beiyi Machinery will show you several excavator equipment that can help you make money.

    1. Hydraulic Pile Breaker-Make Your Construction Faster!


     2. Pile Extractor-One-piece design, Lifting overall, Save time and labor


    3. Hydraulic shears--Over 15% performance higher than ordinary shears


    Beiyi Machinery wishes everyone a Happy New Year. 

    New year is coming, wish you good luck, bright future, more money, less trouble, good news everyday, dreams come true, happy to jump, whole family full of laugh

    Beiyi wishes everyone have a Happy 2020 Year.




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