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    Good news Beiyi launched new mini hydraulic pulverizer
    author:beiyi time:2020-04-19 Read:
    Hydraulic pulverizer are the perfect secondary demolition equipment. A effective method to separate the  bars from steel.

    All hydraulic pulverizers use high-quality steel with excellent wear resistance. The hydraulic pulverizers series products are most powerful tools in their class, using high-quality and high-performance oil cylinders to meet the needs of different working conditions.

    If you now have a 4-6 ton small excavator and want it to be equipped with crushing equipment, but the crushing pliers on the market need much higher weight of excavator, So it is the sentence “A clever woman can't cook without rice”. In order to meet the needs of these smaller excavator, our company's research and development team have developed and produced this mini hydraulic pulverizer. This is really a good news for small weight excavator.


    Large saw teeth, complete crushing, hydraulic steel shears, cutting iron like cutting mud, reinforce and cement separating and recycling, large oil cylinder, simple operation, double efficiency, ultra-low noise, minimum vibration, sturdy and durable, easy disassembly and assembly, super features, demolition must be Prepared.


    Strong force, wide opening and closing, strong and durable, light and fast. BeiYi has improved the structure of existing hydraulic concrete crushing equipment. Enhance construction efficiency while cutting off steel bars in broken concrete of buildings, solving the problem that the existing hydraulic concrete pulverizer cannot remove reinforced steel from broken concrete with low construction efficiency.




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