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    2019 Beiyi has a successfully Year End Ceremony
    author:beiyi time:2020-01-10 Read:

    On January 4, Beiyi has a successfully year-end ceremony in Baijin Hanjue Hotel in Wuxi. Looking back 2019, thank you for being with us all the way. look forward to the future and start again in 2020.


     At the beginning of the ceremony, our general manager came to the stage and express his thanks and wishes to all partners. Looking back 2019, Beiyi has achieved good results, let everyone re-understand company's vision, mission, values and company slogan “The second growth across S-curve".


    Amazed benefits come: During the dinner, there are red envelopes and sweepstakes. The whole dinner is full of fun. 



    During dinner, we took part in funny games such as dancing and singing to show our style.whole dinner is full of applause and laughter. 


    We win-win together, Beiyi Machinery willl become more exciting. Hello 2020 we are coming.




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