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    Double eleven promotion-Big discount is waiting for you
    author:beiyi time:2019-11-03 Read:
    It's a few days before The Double Eleven Shopping Day. The atmosphere of buying is getting stronger and stronger. What we most talked about every day is buy what product


    BeiYi Machinery—New Raiders on Double Eleven Shopping Day—Attention Everyone—Come to BeiYi to choose products on  Double Eleven Shopping Day.


    Excavator attachment series: Hot sell products + annual super large discounts are here. Buy what and how to buy? Look here.


    20 Ton hydraulic pulverizer: Very tight bite with small gap, Flexible operation; Large opening design, Easy and convenient. With a steel cutter, It could do two things at the same time. Crushing concrete and cutting off exposed steel bars, Make the crushing work more efficient.


    20 Ton Inverted hydraulic pulverizer: Work efficiency is two to three times that of normal hydraulic breaker; It could do a series of   job, separate steel from concrete block, Bend and load it onto the truck, improve work efficiency; The work is completely mechanized, safe and time-saving. 


    15T hydraulic shear: 360 degree rotation; Covered with a heavy pivot design, Strong structure and long-term wear resistance; The blade seat has high strength; Provide better shear resistance; The blade can be easily removed without grinding.


    20T hydraulic compactor: Made of high-strength steel, Easy to install, Practical and convenient; It is suitable for loose hard soil, frozen soil, soft rock, weathered rock and other hard materials, which is convenient for later operation.

    This is so cost-effective! Do not hesitate, action at once. You have to wait a year if miss this time!






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