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    Let me meet at CPMM2019 Myanmar International Exhibition
    author:beiyi time:2019-10-10 Read:

    Construction Power & Mining Myanmar2019
    Date: October 9th to 11th  2019
    Place: Yangon Exhibition Center, Myanmar
    Exhibition time: once a year

    Booth No. A33, as shown above.
    Beiyi attended the exhibition to show our piling machine and excavator attachments. We developed a large number of potential customers, a good foundation for market development.
    We attended the exhibition
    Under the leadership of our manager, we started our journey on 8th.
    Construction, Power & Mining Myanmar 2019 is the 3-in-1 industry event for Building & Construction, Electric Power & Renewable Energy, and Mining & Minerals Recovery.
    It is truly the No. 1 and largest industry event of its kind in Myanmar. It’s Myanmar’s best platform to connect to the country’s rapidly expanding infrastructure industries.
    Construction, Power & Mining Myanmar has a proven track record of delivering the highest quality and quantity trade buyers, the greatest number and selection of international suppliers, and the best showcase of latest technology and innovations.
    So we well prepared related information, such as: working videos, posts, brochures, business cards, small gifts, and so on.


    The exhibition is still in progress...
    In Exhibition
    At this exhibition, we exhibited piling machine and excavator attachments, such as: pile driver, pile extractor, pile breaker, hydraulic shear, hydraulic pulverizer, and etc.

    BeiYi booth attracted many exhibitors

    The staff communicated with exhibitors with enthusiasm and patience all the time

    Exhibitors fully understood characteristics and advantages of our products through wonderful displayed by Beiyi staff.

    Exhibitors and visitors fully understood our products

    Exhibitors have a great interest in our products

    Many customers conducted details of products and hope to cooperate through this exhibition

    Staff explain product information to customers
    Visitors had a good impression of BeiYi staff and took a group photo together


    So far, we have reached a cooperation agreement or intention with many customers. We also had good communication with our peers through this exhibition, made many new friends. We have learned the latest market information of industry and opened up our horizons.

    This exhibition is still in progress and we look forward to meeting you at exhibition!




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