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    CCTV Broadcasting Brand--BeiYi Machinery
    author:beiyi time:2019-08-04 Read:
    CCTV Broadcasting Brand--BeiYi Machinery 

    Company profile 

    Established in 2000, Wuxi BeiYi Excavator Parts Factory is a professional manufacturer of piling  machine, excavator parts, excavator attachments and related engineering machine.
    Company's main products 

    BeiYi is located in Luoshe Town, Huishan District, Wuxi City. Our main products include: hydraulic pile driver, hydraulic pile breaker (including detachable round and fixed square hydraulic pile breaker), H-beam pile extractor, Hydraulic pulverizer, Hydraulic earth drill, Automobile disassembly shears, road guardrail pile pullers, various imported and domestic excavators large and medium arm cylinder assemblies, track tensioning devices, etc.

    Pile driver: Using its high-frequency vibration to vibrate the pile body with high acceleration, the vertical vibration generated by the machine is transmitted to the pile body, resulting in the change of the soil structure around the pile due to vibration and the strength. The soil around the pile is liquefied to reduce the frictional resistance between the pile side and the soil body, and then the pile is sunk into the soil by the pressure of the excavator, the vibration sinking hammer and the weight of the pile body.


    Pile breaker: modular structure, simple installation, equipped with different numbers of modules according to the pile diameter.


    Hydraulic shear: known as the reinforce and scrap car buster! The 360-degree rotation, the design of the heavy-duty pivot, the strong structure and long-term wear resistance, the high resistance of the seat, providing the best shear resistance, more than 15% than the performance of the ordinary shear.


    Pile extractor: used for municipal construction, pipeline laying, tunnel engineering, sewage treatment, support construction, H-beam recycling and reuse, reducing the one-time use of H-beam and reducing construction costs.


    Hydraulic earth drill: mainly composed of a drive head and a drill bit assembly, drive head is fixedly with drill bit assembly, the drill bit assembly comprises a drill pipe, a spiral blade which surrounding the drill pipe, and a drill bit or a spiral pile provided at the end of the drill pipe, At he bottom end of spiral blade fixed with a drill tooth. It has advantages of simple structure, stronger piercing ability, low production and operation cost and high flexibility.


    Hydraulic pulverzier: It consists of a caliper body, a hydraulic cylinder, a movable cymbal and a fixed cymbal. The external hydraulic system provides oil pressure to the hydraulic cylinder, so that the movable cymbal and the fixed cymbal could open and close to achieve the effect of smashing objects.


    CCTV9 broadcast brand
    BeiYi Machinery 
    Channel: CCTV9 
    Launch time: 06:00--07:00
    Date of launch: 2019.07.22--2019.07.28
    Company culture 
    Business philosophy: breaking the rules and embracing innovation 
    Service tenet: Treat people with sincerity and serve with heart 
    Slogan: BeiYi Machinery, live for efficiency! 





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