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    Four questions, do you choose right?
    author:beiyi time:2019-07-15 Read:

    "What kind of garbage are you?"
    This is not a joke
    That’s the problems that people in Shanghai have to face every day.
    How important is it to throw a trash?

    Accompanied by this hot spot, The topic of “garbage classification” has also entered a higher level of legal perspective.

    If you do not classify and throw garbage at designated locations according to law. A unit shall impose a fine from 50,000 RMB to 500,000 RMB, and a person will be fined less than 200 RMB. Oh, yes, it’s just so strict.


     Garbage can be divided into four categories:

    Kitchen waste (wet garbage): food waste and peel produced in the kitchen.
    Recyclable garbage: Garbage that has a high value for recycling and can enter the waste recycling channel.
    Hazardous waste: Garbage containing toxic and hazardous chemicals.
    Other garbage (dry garbage): A general term for all garbage except for recyclable garbage, hazardous garbage, and kitchen garbage.


     What about scrap steel and scrap plate?



    recyclable trash:
    Possible to regenerate recycled garbage. Paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, metal, plastic packaging that can be reused by itself or material.
    Metals mainly include: cans, metal cans, decorative objects and aluminum foil, etc., classified according to recycled materials: iron, non-ferrous (generally referred to as non-ferrous metals).

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