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    Double cylinder hydraulic shears: harder than Steel bars
    author:beiyi time:2019-07-08 Read:

    BeiYi Machinery is developing a new product, Double cylinder hydraulic shear.

    BeiYi R&D Department has developed a new product double-cylinder hydraulic shear according to market demand. This shear will improve construction efficiency while meet customers' demand for hard metal recovery such as hard steel bars.





    1. Acceleration valve

    2. Standard option

    3. Special round valve control

    4. Cylinder protector

    5. Easy to maintain (removable)




    3. Front Jaw 

    Easy to disassemble waste

    Simple wear-resistant improved

    Wear-resistant alloy steel design


    4. Hydraulic regulator

    Simple quick adjustment also applies to particularly small gaps


    5. Blade

    KTR’s unique alloy inserts provide perfect cutting strength and performance


    working principle:

    The double-cylinder hydraulic shear is an improved structure of existing hydraulic double-cylinder hydraulic pulverizer. The alloy blade is added to develop a double-cylinder hydraulic shear for steel shearing. The shearing force is much higher than that of the same series of hydraulic shears.




    Why choose "it": 

    1. Upgraded wear design

    2. The cylinder cover is easy to be separated and installed

    3. Special alloy inserts have perfect cutting strength and performance

    4. Blade guiding can prevent the waste from clogging

    5. 360 degree rotation




    This Double cylinder hydraulic shear has world's first level hydraulic regulator, and KTR’s unique alloy inserts provide perfect cutting strength and performance, improved durability and extended blade life.




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