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    New product—With it cut off hard scrap is not a problem
    author:beiyi time:2019-07-05 Read:
    Nowadays, there are many equipment manufacturers in the field, standard and non-standard products constantly come out. Besides quality and service, Automatic inclined shears are chosen according to factory own situation to fulfill minimum cost win maximum efficiency.
    Many customers believe our BYAIS Automatic inclined shears is a better choice in scrap metal processing and recycling industry.

    BYAIS Automatic inclined shear adopts advanced hydraulic drive. Compared with mechanical transmission shear, it is small in size, light in weight, small in inertia, low in noise, smooth in operation, convenient in operation, flexible, large in shearing cutting surface, convenient in adjusting shear, safe in operation and easy to operate. Easy to fulfill overload protection.
    BYAIS Automatic inclined shear has high automation level, safe in stable work, and high in pressure resistance.

    1. Tilt (gravity feed), regardless of the length (up to 14 meters), the feed trough can accept any type of scrap metal at any time.
    2. Since the chute is inclined, the continuous automatic shearing operation cycle. Directly and continuously loaded into a vibrating sloping floor box to transport the waste to the cutting head.
    3. Compress the waste of each cycle with two side fins and a segmented clamping slide.
    4. Sturdy design.
    5. Replaceable blades.


    Product advantages
    1. Shear force up to 400 tons, 50 seconds automatic cycle.
    2. Could cut off a variety of materials, such as I-beams, bundled steel bars, metal frame plates, mixed loads and more.
    3. Mobility - The shears can be transported in less than 5 minutes and easily moved by ro-ro or ro-ro trucks or low-speed trailers.
    4. Competitive price- cost is about 30% lower than competitors.
    5. Flexibility - no need for expensive overhead structures, civil works or permits.
    6. Power option - equipped with an electro-hydraulic station. Safe and reliable performance and easy operation.
    7. Reduce operating costs - greatly reduce your material handling and oxygen cutting, in order to reduce production costs to achieve efficient and convenient results.


    Applicable material range:
    1. Processing of various plates;
    2. Large-scale disassembly of automobile casings, large-scale light and thin materials, etc.;
    3. Cutting scrap metal, scrap steel, scrap iron, old metal, color steel tile, angle iron, angle steel, iron sheet, cast iron, thin iron, thin iron sheet, light and thin material, steel, color steel tile, aluminum alloy, channel steel, copper plate, aluminum profile, scrap steel, round steel, scrap metal, etc.


    It is used in scrap metal recycling processing, waste metal processing center, steel plant affiliated enterprise, scrap metal recycling enterprise, scrap car dismantling field, smelting and casting industry, etc. It is an ideal equipment for processing and processing of metal smelting and casting industry.




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