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    Are you still worried about dealing with scrap and scrap car
    author:beiyi time:2019-06-19 Read:

    When it comes to the handling of steel, scrap iron and scrap cars, many bosses are full of headaches and anxiety. 

    BeiYi R&D Department is constantly improving and perfecting, Two new hydraulic shears are now sold on the market!

    Multi-function Hercules shears
    Hydraulic steel plate shear

    一、Multi-function Hercules Shear: Installed in excavators, used for cutting off scrap steel, steel, tanks, pipes and other scrap steel. 

    Superior power, versatility and productivity are available from 800-52000 LBS. The size can accommodate any machine, from gliders and compactors to the world's largest large excavators.


    Hercules shears cut off steel bar

    Product advantages:
    1.360 degree rotation
    2. Covered with heavy-duty pivot, strong structure and long-term wear resistance
    3. The knife seat has high strength
    4. Provide optimal shear resistance
    5. The blade can be easily replaced without welding

    Hercules shears cut off steel plate

    二、Hydraulic steel plate shear: a single large cylinder is lighter in weight, the depth of the two-way clamp is large, and it is more suitable to cut off steel plates and dismantle cars.


    Hydraulic steel plate shear dismantles cars.

    ● Ankle size and special blade design to increase efficiency. All series of hydraulic steel shear blades could be quickly and easily replaced, which reduce mechanical downtime and optimizes productivity.
    ●The powerful hydraulic cylinder greatly strengthen the closing force of the pout and can cut off hardest steel
    ● The hydraulic shear series is made of high-grade steel, which guarantees the maximum strength and the best wear resistance of the tool.
    ● Corrosion resistant and waterproof design
    ● Fully enclosed, steel plate structure designed to eliminate and reduce any side twist or bend


    Hydraulic steel plate shear 

    BeiYi will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of “breaking the rules and embracing innovation”, and strive to innovate in the field of construction machinery, and constantly develop and supply the market with high-quality products.




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