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    Which pile machine supplier is better? Of course BeiYi
    author:beiyi time:2019-06-13 Read:
    In recent years, the construction machinery manufacturing industry has developed rapidly, development trend is also good. Our country has also increased investment in infrastructure construction, the construction machinery industry maintain an average growth of 30%.


    The construction machinery industry directly benefits from the promotion of China's fixed asset investment, the national revitalization of equipment manufacturing industry and the implementation of the economic sustainable development strategy. In recent years, highway construction and high-rise buildings construction developed rapidly, This has also led to a sharp increase in the demand for piles which driven the rapid development of the pile machinery industry.


    The Belt and Road Initiative brings new opportunities to construction machinery development


    The construction along the “Belt and Road” will bring development and transformation of infrastructure machinery industry, expand the scale of domestic industry demand and promote using of domestic stocks.


    After years of accumulation, Wuxi BeiYi Excavator Parts Factory has set up production bases in many places in China. Our main products include: hydraulic pile breaker, hydraulic pile driver, hydraulic pileextractor and other pilling machine. Our sales network covers all regions of the country. At present, BeiYi products have been widely used in many fields such as construction field and bridge construction, have been widely recognized and praised by customers.


    “Breaking the rules and embracing innovation”
    The construction of modern buildings require foundation piling, in order to connect the foundation piles with the concrete structures on the ground better, the foundation piles will extend 1 to 2 meters above the ground, so that the steel bars remain intact on the ground. BeiYi hydraulic pile breaker is the equipment to break pile heads of the ground concrete foundation piles.


    Simple: modular structure, easily installed, equipped with different numbers of modules according to the pile diameter;
    General use: Hydraulic pile breakers can use power of the excavator or hydraulic station;
    Environmental protection: driven by hydraulic, low noise, static pressure construction, does not affect the quality of piles;
    Low personnel cost: mainly depend on a excavator driver with one person supervisor beside
    Safety: The construction crew is the excavator driver, he does not directly contact the broken piles.


    The efficiency of hydraulic pile breaker is ten times faster than human
    Commonly there are two types of pile drivers in construction projects: hydraulic walking type diesel hammer pile driver and high frequency hydraulic vibration pile driver. BeiYi produces hydraulic pile driver. The hydraulic pile driver can be used for driving photovoltaic piles, cement pipe, steel pipe, steel sheet piles, 8m square concrete precast piles and wooden piles.


    BeiYi hydraulic pile driver is a drive and pull piles equipment by vibrating. It is suitable for river course berm, deep foundation pit support, building foundation, railway road soft foundation treatment and other projects. It can be constructed in urban areas with low noise and meets urban and environmental standards.


    Hydraulic pile driver drives 8 meters pile only in 3 minutes
    With the use of SMW method, more and more engineering projects need to remove SMW, the demand for hydraulic pile pullers increases. The traditional split pile driver is cumbersome and slow.

    BeiYi Hydraulic Pile Pulling Machine is an innovative equipment. It could recycle and reuse of section steel, reduce the one-time use of H-section steel and the construction cost. Traditional pile puller takes more than 40 minutes to pull out a 20-meter H-section steel. The new type takes only 15 minutes and can pull up 60 piles per day, which improves the working efficiency by 2-3 times.


    Hydraulic pile extractor is used in municipal construction, pipeline laying, tunnel engineering, sewage treatment and support construction.

    BeiYi Machinery Lives For Efficiency




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