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    Five major excavator attachments make you profitable
    author:beiyi time:2019-06-02 Read:
    Development of Construction Machinery
    Industry status and characteristics

    The application of the auxiliary working equipment of the construction machinery (referred to as the attachment) can realize
    "one machine multi-purpose, one machine multi-function" of construction machine
    It greatly expands the application field of the mainframe and replaces a variety of special machines with single functions and high prices.
    The promotion of attachments enable construction have the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, convenience and low cost. It also meets the needs of diversified construction in the future, it has great market potential and good application prospects.


    According to statistics, in 2016, Chinese construction machine market reached a scale of 10 billion yuan. With the rapid development of the attachment and application of products, China has become the world's largest attachments market with a market share of 28%.


    Future trends
    High-end specialization, high-tech added value

    From the experience of excavating the machinery industry, the high-end products are one of the important development directions. In the early industry, it is to meet functional needs, customers are very sensitive with price. With the development of industry and improvement of customer awareness, users’ price sensitivity gradually reduced, the production mode is changed to market orientation, the individualized demand strengthened, the brand added value is reflected, and the after-sales service has become a important point of customers.
    China has moved from a big country of excavator manufacturing to a strong manufacturing country, but the attachment industry is still in its infancy. Many products are in blank in production and application, which is extremely incompatible with the development level of domestic mainframes. The next ten years will be a golden period of development of Chinese attachment industry. The application of new technologies, new processes and new structures will bring a rapid upgrade of attachments. The enterprises which master core technologies will rely on “specialized, refined, special and new”. meet a period of rapid development.


    Five major excavator attachments make you profitable
    Wuxi BeiYi Excavator Parts Factory

    Founded in 2000, it is a professional manufacturer of pile machinery, excavator parts, excavator attachments and related construction machinery.
    According to the survey data, BeiYi Marketing Department find the following five excavator attachments can help you earn money
    Hydraulic pulverizer, hydraulic shear, hydraulic earth drill, Vibratory pile driver, hydraulic grapple.

    Hydraulic pulverizer
    hydraulic shear 

     hydraulic earth drill

    Vibratory pile driver 

    hydraulic grapple




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