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    BeiYi Machinery wishes you a happy May Day
    author:beiyi time:2019-05-05 Read:
    In 2019, the National May 1st Labor Award, the National May 1st Labor Medal and the National Worker Pioneer’s list of candidates (collectives) have been publicly announced. Nine workers (collectives) in Wuxi have been listed on the “National Award”. Congratulations to them.
    Labor is very glorious and all the staff of BeiYi Machinery learn from them.
    BeiYi installer working in the first line

    Hard work of BeiYi staff

    Thanks to everyone who still works in the festival

    You are more beautiful when at work

    Not only the installation staff who working in the first line but also other people of BeiYi sincerely serves you!

    Foreign Trade Team of BeiYi

    Domestic Sales Team of BeiYi-1

    Domestic Sales Team of BeiYi-2

    Network Team of BeiYi

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