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    Pile breaker increases speed of filling pile breaking
    author:beiyi time:2019-04-27 Read:
    With the development of social economy, more and more large, super-large buildings could been seen in China in recent years. 

    Therefore, the requirements for the base of building are becoming more and more higher. The using of pile foundation is becoming more and more widely 

    Especially for soft soil foundations, two or more higher buildings need to use pile foundations. Pile foundations are mainly divided into filling pile and precast piles.

    Filling pile

    Filling pile: A pile formed by mechanically or labor force in the pile position, placing steel bars and pouring concrete into the holes. According to the method of forming holes, the filling piles are divided into Bored piles, Cast-in-place pile with sinking pipe, dry-work bored piles and manual bored piles. 

    Compared with precast piles, filling pile has advantages below: do not restricted by formation changes, do not need pile connection and cutting, strong adaptability, relatively stable force, compression and resistance, low vibration and low noise.

     Because it has neither negative effect of squeezing soil nor the ability to traverse various hard inter layers, rock inlays and various types of hard bearing layers, the geometrical dimensions of piles and the bearing capacity of single piles have large adjustable space. Therefore, the use of drilled and boring piles is especially suitable for tall buildings.
    Pile breaker is breaking filling pile
    Now most people break pile use these tools, such as pile breaker, pneumatic picks, hydraulic picks, hydraulic breakers and pile cutters. 

    Pneumatic picks, hydraulic picks, hydraulic breakers and pile cutters destroy the body of pile by external force which is easy to affect the mother pile and has disadvantages like low construction efficiency, high cost, high noise. It is very danger   and very risk during construction. The pile breaker could not only greatly increases the speed of breaking piles but also avoids these risks.

    Fixed pile breaker
    The pile breaker is generally divided into fixed-type and modular type. The high-pressure hydraulic oil is simultaneously supplied to the plurality of oil cylinders through the power source. The oil cylinder directly drives the drill rod and squeezes the pile body. The special shape of drill head break the concrete and retain reinforcements. 

    A project used 500*500mm cast-in-place piles as the pile foundation. After the elevation of piles, needed to cut off piles about 1.2 meters. The period given by Party A was very short. Due to the low speed of pile breaking by labor force, in order to catch up with the construction period, The construction team decided to use BeiYi fixed pile driver to break pile heads. The power source was provided by an excavator and equipment was moved through this excavator.
    Use pile breaker lift the pile head
    The pile breaker was lifted and moved by an excavator. The pile breaker was placed into the pile body and intercepted at the elevation line. After the pile was cut, transfered the pile breaker to the next pile and repeat the previous steps. After cutting, a staff used tools to level the surface of the cast-in-place pile.

    Fixed pile breaker broke pile head
    Daily maintenance is very to the efficient of equipment, what daily maintenance does the pile driver need?

    General speaking, after the hydraulic system is properly installed and commissioned, it could long-term trouble-free operation without special maintenance. The basic principle of good maintenance is to constantly check the quality and condition of the transmission medium and the cleanness of oil circuit, which determines the reliability of hydraulic system.
    The following maintenance measures are recommended:

    1. External cleaning, once a month, in this way, it is easier to find leaks and troubles. 

    2. Regularly check the oil filter, cleaned or replaced in time if it is dirt. 

    3, Refueling, when the oil level is lower than oil level gauge line, it means oil is not enough, the hydraulic oil must be added into the fuel tank, the new oil must be the same as the previous one. Note: Hydraulic oils from different manufacturers cannot be mixed. Hydraulic oils of different specifications from the same manufacturer could not be mixed. Please avoid water when refueling.

    4. If it is possible, filter hydraulic oil at least once a month. 

    5, Change the oil, when using at about 3,000 hours (depending on the working environment, in better environment, the oil change interval can be extended, in worse environment, the interval should be shortened). When replacing, carefully clean the tank and flush the entire line if necessary. 

    6. The oil temperature is kept below 70°C and the operating temperature is 35~55°C. Under special conditions, need to rise or reduce oil temperature.




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