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    The popular "breaking pile artifact" of railway
    author:beiyi time:2019-04-21 Read:
    It is said that build a railway could develop the area around it. The construction of high-speed rail could shorten the distance between cities, promote the flow of talent, information, capital, has an important catalytic and promoting role in the revitalization of the local economy.
    On January 2nd, the China Railway Corporation work conference was held. By the end of 2018, China's high-speed rail business mileage will reach more than 29,000 kilometers. In 2019, 3,200 kilometers of high-speed rail line will be ensured.
    China's transportation infrastructure conditions have been greatly improved, the quality and service of transportation and travelling have also been continuously improved and broadened. However, China's pile breaking speed in construction of transportation is only a fraction of that in developed countries!
    Which factor delays the speed of pile breaking?
    People wish to accelerate the speed of construction
    Recently a pile broken artifacts that could accelerated the speed of breaking piles has been greatly influenced the foundation industry. Major infrastructure companies and pile-piercing construction teams praised this.
    The Hutong Railway is a section of the coastal railway construction in China. It has a speed of 200 kilometers per hour and is a passenger-class freight line-type express railway.
    The diameter of cast-in-place piles in the Nantong section of the Hutong Railway was from 1.5m to 2.5m. In order to speed up the breaking of pile heads, the artificial breaking piles had been abandoned and hydraulic pile braeker was used to break pile heads.
    -Construction site of Nantong section of Hutong Railway-
    -People used Pneumatic pick to break pile heads in the past-

    - Pile breaker was very popular in the pile foundation industry-
    -BeiYi hydraulic pile breaker-

    Due to the different pile diameters, the number of modules of selected pile breaker was planned according to the diameter of the pile head with larger diameter. During the construction process, the modules are freely assembled according to the range of the pile diameters. Depending on the environment of each pit, used crane coordinate with a hydraulic station or a excavator only. 
    -Use crane coordinate with a hydraulic station-
    The using of crane with hydraulic station was suitable for pile diameter over 1.65m. The crane was used as a tool for lifting and moving and hydraulic stations was used as a power source.
    -Use a excavator only- 

    The using of a excavator only was suitable for pile diameter below 1.65m. The excavator was used as a power source for lifting and moving
    The pile breaker could not only quickly break the pile heads but also retain the steels.
    The pile driver could be remotely operated. Through training a staff could quickly understand the construction techniques. The long-distance construction method could greatly improve the safety of construction and reduce the damage of lungs of construction workers.
    -- This kind of pile breaker was called "blood drop" in the industry-

    The pile breaker was put on the pile body by the construction staff. When cutting the first section, it shall be cut at a distance of about 500 mm from the surface of the pile, then cut downward at intervals of not more than 500mm. After cutting the alignment, take out the pile breaker.
    After the completion of one pile, the pile breaker was transferred to the next pile, the previous step is repeated. The remain piles were pushed down by a excavator and the construction staff cleaned the pile head.

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