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    Using pile breaker in early July 2015
    author:beiyi time:2019-03-21 Read:
    If the bearing capacity of the natural foundation cannot meet the load requirements of the superstructure and cannot be met by simple manual treatment, usually we used pile foundation, the upper load force is transmitted to the depth of the stratum by the pile body to meet the requirements of the stratum.

    Bored pile refers to a pile made by drilling a pile hole with a drilling machine and pouring concrete in the hole (or hoisting a steel cage first in the hole). The bored pile construction technology is a concrete technology with low construction cost, easily operation, no vibration, noise and squeezing effect. At present, this construction technology of bored piles has been widely applied to the field of construction engineering.

    Bored piles generally extend 1 or 2 meters above the ground during the process, so that the steel bars are completely retained on the ground. The pile breaking machine is used to break the bored piles.

    At the beginning of July 2015, in a construction site a 800-1000mm cast-in-place pile, which was about 2 meters high needed to be broken. The construction team abandoned old manual breaking method and used hydraulic pile breaker.This is photos of BeiYi pile breaker in construction site

    BeiYi hydraulic pile breaker had been Installed

    Entering the construction site
    In the process, an excavator was used to hoist the pile driver, also as a power source providing driving power.


    Began to work

    Pile breaking machine broke piles

    The pile breaker was hoisted by the excavator, excavator was used as a moving vehicle. The pile breaker was put into pile body by staff. When cutting the first section, it was cut at a distance of about 400 mm from the upper end surface of the pile. Cutting off every distance no more than 300mm. In the last paragraph, removed the crushed concrete which had fallen around the pile and then align it with the elevation line for the last time. 

    After cutting, a staff removed the broken concrete and used tools to level the surface of the cast-in-place pile.




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