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    Happy 2019 Spring Festival
    author:beiyi time:2019-02-05 Read:
    The Spring Festival will arrive, I wish all of you best wishes in 2019
    Because of you BeiYi will become more and more wonderful

    BeiYi Machinery Spring Festival holiday time: January 27, 2019 - February 12, 2019. The Spring Festival is coming, BeiYi welcomes you to Wuxi for the New Year!
    On January 16th, the global event “Happy Chinese New Year” will launch in 2019. The integration of culture and tourism will become the biggest highlight of this “Happy Spring Festival”.
    The Spring Festival is the most important festival for Chinese people. It is the most concerned and most active and emotionally strong traditional festival for Chinese people. It is also the most vivid embodiment of the values and aesthetic pursuits of the Chinese nation.
    CCTV Wuxi Film and Television Base will launch a large-scale experience event of the Three Kingdoms Water Margin Festival on February 5th - February 10th, 2019. At that time, the colorful ancient Chinese New Year activities such as “Liu Huangshu New Year's Garden and the New Year's Greetings”, “The Teacher's Table”, “The Water Margins, the New Year” and “Hui Zong's Marriage” will meet with tourists.

    Three Kingdoms Water Margin Festival

    In the Three Kingdoms City, a very ceremonial “Liu Huangshu New Year Garden Visiting New Year”, open the city at 9:00 am every day, and restart the journey. You can participate in it, ignite the holy fire, worship the heavens, and enjoy the beautiful scenery with Liu Huangshu. Passing through the five gates of Fu, Lu, Shou, Xi, and Cai on the Wuwanggong Square, Yingxiang Nafu is good luck! The New Year's Three Kingdoms Carnival invites you to dance the New Year together, and to release the joy of the heart with joyful beats.

    2018 BeiYi Annual Meeting

    In Shuihu City, the “good guys”  that came from the Northern Song Dynasty: Song Jiang, Wu Song, Lin Chong, Yan Qing, etc., gathered with you at the Cuixianlou performance field, and invited you to “He Xinchun” together! By then, you can Intimate interaction, mutual blessing, in the new year, taking a group photo to remember the unforgettable time.

    Welcome to BeiYi

    In Juxian Hall, the opening of the drama “Chu shi biao” takes you to revisit the classics and enters Zhuge Liang's world. He feels his life as a support for the Han room, and he has done his duty and responsibility.


    Team building

    In Wuxi Lingshan you could follow the beat of the music on the New Year's Eve, stage a wonderful dance, the new year, pray for every visitor, happy and joyful.

    BeiYi staffs in 2018 Bauma


    Follow the Master to ignite the auspicious lights, the lights are passed on, the hearts and minds are printed, and happiness and auspiciousness are transmitted to every corner of the world, and the graceful rain of the Dharma is spread throughout everyone's heart.




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