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    Australian veteran gives high appraisal to BeiYi
    author:beiyi time:2019-02-05 Read:

    BeiYi, excavator attachments leading manufacturer in China, is expanding its mini excavator business to Australia by O2O business.


    With the help of internet, BeiYi’s products have been successfully sold to the global island markets that our business hasn’t explored before.


    The same story also happens to Australian market. In order to get more market share, Beiyi is promoting its online business for selling hydraulic earth drill in Australia. Australian customers can buy hydraulic earth drill or get relevant information on BeiYi’s website.




    Professional service makes Australian customers more convenient


    Jamie, an experienced excavator operator who runs a fencing company in Melbourne, Australia, recently, bought a BeiYi earth drill and experienced the convenience of directly buying machine on the internet. “I have never imaged that an excavator attachments can be bought on the internet just like online shopping. It’s very convenient for me!” Jamie said that he found BeiYi BY-AD series on BeiYi’s website and sent his inquiry on its online inquiry system. “I got BeiYi’s sales staff’s reply very soon. The sales staff is very professionally answered my questions and gave me buying advice.” Communicating with staff on details of purchasing and shipping by emails, Jamie finally purchased a BeiYi BY-AD60 earth drill.


    When Jamie received BeiYi product in Australia, he was very satisfied with the delivery speed. “It just took a short time for the product’s delivery from BeiYi’s factory to Australia. It all came very successfully!” After using BY-AD in his fence work, he gave a high appraisal to the machine. “BeiYi BY-AD is not only small and flexible but also powerful and efficient, which helps me a lot in building fences.” With 15 years of experience in operating excavators, Jamie said BeiYi earth drill is a fantastic machine that is better than many other products


    Although BeiYi excavators attachments are well sold in many countries around world, and have becoming a leading manufacturer in China. However BeiYi is a lesser known manufacturer in Australia. BeiYi is now making great length to develop Australia market and provide more convenient products to customers.




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