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    In winter solstice, you eat Tangyuan or dumpling?
    author:beiyi time:2018-12-22 Read:
    The "Winter Solstice" is a very important solar term in our twenty-four solar terms, also known as the Winter Festival and Winter Festival. It is a traditional festival in China, and it has been said that the winter solstice is as important as spring festival. This day is the shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere and the longest day in the day.

    Winter solstice reunion

    There are different customs in winter solstice. In northern, there are customs of slaughtering sheep, eating dumplings and eating glutinous rice. In southern, there are habits of eating tangyuan, red bean glutinous rice and long-term noodles in this day, while Taiwan still preserves the tradition of worship the ancestors with nine layers of cakes. The winter solstice is also a good time to maintain health. At this time, scientific health helps to ensure strong energy and prevent premature aging.

    Southern people eat Tangyuan while Northern eat Dumplings

    It is said that eating tangyuan is also one of the traditional customs in winter solstice. The Chaoshan people in Guangdong consider winter solstice as winter festival. During the winter solstice, they also had custom of eating tangyuan, there was a saying that “who had eaten the winter festival, even if it was a year older”,  it means when we eat the tangyuan in winter solstice we would be one year older,

    The custom of eating tangyuan in winter solstice is especially popular in Jiangnan area. Before the winter solstice, the Jiangnan people used glutinous rice flour to make dough, and stuffed with meat, apple, bean paste, radish and other fillings to make a dumpling. For Jiangnan people, “Tangyuan” is a must-have food for winter solstice. Because "round" has the meaning of “reunion” and “consummation”, eating dumplings in winter solstice is pray for the reunion of the family in the coming year.

    Use Pile Driver in winter

    In Jiangnan, there is saying that in winter solstice night whole family gathers together to eat the red bean and rice. It is said that once a plague ghost often came out after winter solstice to kill people, but the plague was afraid of red beans, so people cooked red bean glutinous rice to eat in winter solstice, used it to expel epidemic ghosts, disaster prevention and rickets. In fact, red bean glutinous rice have a nourishing effect on body. Because glutinous rice is sweet and warm, it can nourish the body, it is suitable for eating in winter.

    Use Pile Breaker in winter

    For the Cantonese, the winter solstice is a very important festival, even more important than the Spring Festival. Therefore, the Cantonese have a saying called "Winter Solstice."

    Hydraulic shear is not afraid of cold

    According to reports, on the winter solstice, most Cantonese people have the custom of eating winter solstice meat. Among them, roast meat is an indispensable traditional food on the Guangdong winter solstice table. In addition to the ancestors, the whole family prepared a table of fish, meat, bacon sausages, and laughed while having a meal to pray for the good fortune in the coming year. Some Cantonese also have the custom of sending bacon to relatives and friends this day.

    Earth Drill drills hole in the snow
    Shandong people like to drink mutton soup in winter solstice. It is said that the mutton soup of Zaozhuang in Shandong originated in the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. Since the Vietnamese national prime minister Fan Yi once came to live in seclusion, seeing the grassland fertile here, he led the people to make a fortune together, and invented this soup with delicious and delicious mutton soup. The mutton soup is based on mutton and is served with a variety of traditional Chinese medicines. It is beneficial for women with flat breasts and breasts to eat more.

    Beijing people like to eat Wonton in winter solstice. In Beijing, there is a saying that “Eat Wonton in winter solstice while eat noodle in summer”. Wonton is a kind of food made with clear water and noodles, and then stuffed with some stuffing. It is a bit like dumplings, but it is different. The Cantonese call it “Wonton”. The Sichuan people call it “Chaoshou” and the Anhui people call it “Baofu”. The early record of Wonton can be traced back to the “dialect” made by Yang Xiong in Western Han Dynasty, so it is also a traditional cuisine.




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