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    Winter maintenance tips of vibratory pile driver
    author:beiyi time:2018-12-22 Read:
    The gear oil is replaced for the first time for about 10 hours, and for 100 hours at second time. If the weather is hot, you can replace gear oil 90 hours in advance. If the weather is cold, you can extend it to 130 hours to replace it.

    Vibratory pile driver winter maintenance tips
    The concentration of the gear oil should not be too high, it should be reduced as much as possible. It is best to mix it with the oil and then add.
    The second-order vibration is only suitable for about 10 seconds. Generally, the hard soil can be used this vibration force. It could not hit too hard, this will easily cause high temperature to the box, causing damage to the bearing. The worse is to destroy the eccentric gear group. The seal must be preheated before working at -40 °C.


    Working environment of vibratory pile driver

    Because the working environment of the pile driver is generally bad, it is easy to cause problem. In order to eliminate the hidden troubles and shorten the maintenance period, it is necessary to carry out daily and regular maintenance
    1, Daily maintenance
    1) The pile driver should be kept clean. After working, clean the oil, dust, rust and water traces on the hammer and power station.
    2) Each fastener should be inspected frequently to keep the connection firm and reliable.
    3) Each lubrication point should be lubricated according to lubrication requirements.
    4) The hydraulic oil in the fuel tank should be kept at normal level, the oil temperature should be normal. Always check the cleanliness of the oil prevent it from polluting.
    5) Always check whether water is in the hydraulic tank. If the water is in, immediately remove water or replace the hydraulic oil.
    6) Always check whether the instruments are stable and ready, otherwise they should be repaired or replaced.
    7) Check the oil circuit system for oil leakage and dispose it in time.
    8) Check if the liquid level of the oil tank and cooling water tank is normal. If the level is too low, please replenish it in time.


    Daily maintenance of vibratory pile driver

    2, Regular maintenance 
    Regularly clean the tank and replace the hydraulic oil. The running-in period lasts for 500 hours, the second time is after three months, third time is in the ninth month. The replacement time should be subject to availability.


    Regular maintenance of vibratory pile driver

    3. Use and maintenance during the running-in period. 

    1) The vibratory pile driver starts works for 100 hours for the running-in period. It should be used carefully during the running-in period. The load should not be too large. The use of the running-in period will have a great impact on the service life of the machine.

    2) After 50 hours of operation, check that the cleanliness index of the hydraulic oil is not lower than 18/15. At the same time, check and clean the oil inlet and return oil filter, cleaning or replacing every 200 hours, pay attention to the inspection. , rubber or asbestos gasket is not damaged, if it is damaged, it should be replaced in time.




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