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    Focus on 2018 Philconstruct—Show quality of BeiYi
    author:beiyi time:2019-01-03 Read:
    From November 8th-11th, 2018, The 2018 Philippine Construction Machinery and Mining Machinery Exhibition was successfully held at the World Trade Center in Manila, Philippines. This exhibition is mainly based on construction machinery.

    Beiyi attend 2018 Philippines Exhibition 

    BeiYi has been actively and extensively communicating and sharing with various industries over the years, especially in the areas of production process improvement and innovation, intelligent manufacturing, and sustainable development.

    With the excellent product quality and international development strategy of BeiYi, more and more foreign customers have begun to pay attention to us. This exhibition has also attracted many customers to stop in front of our booth to learn more about us.The performance of various equipment, and the appreciation of our brand.
    In addition to the promotion of the exhibition board, We also brought the product model and work video, so that everyone can feel the quality and performance of our product.

    Construction site video attracts exhibitors


    BeiYi is also stepping up preparations. In the future, we will attend foreign exhibitions, so that everyone can understand our products clearly. As a enterprise which focus on domestic small and medium-sized machinery R & D , we will continue to make breakthroughs in product technology and quality as always, to create a well-known Chinese brand that meets the needs of users.

    Potential customers and staff

    BeiYi is deeply proud of its ability to participate in the construction of the Philippines, and attend Philippines construction is also an important element of our corporate strategy. We are honored to participate in the 2016 Philippines (Asia) International Engineering Exhibition (MINING ASIA) in 2016, becoming the first exhibitor to enter the exhibition.

    Participants consult with staff

    At this exhibition, based on the existing cooperation relationship, we signed sales intents and cooperation agreements for related products and services with many customers in the power and energy, infrastructure and construction industries. BeiYi is proud to support customers' success by providing locally manufactured and imported products.




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