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    Module square pile breker accelerates break of piles
    author:beiyi time:2019-01-03 Read:
    Concrete precast square piles can withstand large loads, strong durability and fast construction speed. It is one of the widely used pile types, but its pile breaking efficiency needs to be improved.
    In the current industry, break square piles are often used ways like square pile breakers, pneumatic picks, hydraulic picks, broken hammers, and pile cutters.

    Wind shovel, hydraulic shovel, broken hammer and pile driver destroy the pile concrete by external force impact, which are easy to affect the mother pile and has low construction efficiency, high cost, high noise, high environmental danger, high risk during manual construction. The square pile breaker can avoid these shortcomings.

    The square broken pile machine is generally divided into a fixed square broken pile machine and a modular square broken pile machine. The high power hydraulic oil is simultaneously supplied to the plurality of oil cylinders through the power source. The oil cylinder directly drives the drill rod, and simultaneously squeezes the pile body and utilizes the drill rod. The special shape of the head breaks the concrete and retains the steel.

    A commercial housing project uses reinforced concrete precast square piles as the pile foundation, and the pile diameter is 600mm×600mm. After the elevation of the pile, the height of the pile needs to cut into 1.2 meters. The period given by Contractor is shortened. Due to the slow speed of breaking pile, in order to catch up with the construction period, BeiYi  modular square pile breaker was used to break rest square piles. The power source is powered by an excavator and the equipment is moved by an excavator.

    Square pile foundation

    Modular square pile breaker is hoisted by excavator and it is used as mobile vehicle. The prefabricated pile breaking machine is put into the pile body by constructors. When cutting first section, the distance is about 400mm from the top and then cut off every section no more than 300mm. When cutting the last paragraph, first to remove the broken concrete falling around the pile, and then align the elevation line with the last time.

    Modular square pile breaker broken square pile

    Move down the pile

    Modular square pile driver cuts concrete pile

    Non-destructive steel

    After cutting, transfer the modular square pile breaker to next pile and repeat the previous step. For remaining broken piles, two construction workers used steel bars to cut the transverse bars and remove the broken concrete with iron brazing to recover scattered steel bars.




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