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    Pile driver used in rain and sewage project
    author:beiyi time:2018-10-23 Read:
    Rain and sewage diversion refers to the way of discharging sewage and sewage, which are transported by one pipe for discharge or subsequent treatment. Rainwater can be discharged directly to the river through the rainwater pipe network; the sewage needs to be collected by the sewage pipe network and sent to the sewage treatment plant for treatment. After the water quality is qualified, it can be discharged into the river channel, so as to avoid pollution of the river channel.

    Rain and sewage diversion

    The rain and sewage diversion is convenient for rainwater harvesting and centralized treatment of sewage. The biggest advantage is that it can improve sewage treatment power and save sewage treatment costs.
    A rainwater and sewage diversion project mainly collects sewage from the area and builds a new sewage pipe. At the same time, according to the CCTV test results, the damaged and collapsed rainwater pipes in the area were replaced in situ. The rainwater in the area is connected to the municipal drainage network. The slope of the sewage pipe is 3‰ and the slope of the rainwater pipe is 3‰.
    The construction site of this rain and sewage diversion project is located in the traffic artery of the nearby residents. The road inside the branch road is narrow, and there are many vehicles and pedestrians on the road. The excavation pipeline adopts the Larsen steel sheet pile support measures to prevent the surrounding road from collapsing.
    Due to the simple construction of the Larsen steel sheet pile, the shortened construction period and good durability, the construction cost is cheap, the interchangeability is good, the product can be reused, and the construction has significant environmental protection effect, which greatly reduces the amount of soil taken and the amount of concrete used, effectively Protected the land resources, so the rain and sewage diversion project uses the Larsen steel sheet pile support measures.

    Larsen steel sheet pile
    The construction site of this rain and sewage diversion project is located in the cold and hot summer location in winter. The thunderstorms are frequent in summer and the rain period lasts for a long time.
    Due to the tight construction period of the project, in order to ensure the quality of the project and improve the efficiency of the construction machinery, the engineering party purchased a new Beibei Machinery BY-VH250 pile driver for the construction.

    BeiYi  BY-VH250 Pile Driver

    Pile driver clamps Larsen steel sheet pile
    Pile driver vertical steel sheet pile with ground

    Pile driver adjusts the direction of the steel sheet pile
    BeiYi BY-VH series pile driver is mainly used for drawing steel sheet piles, cement pipe piles, steel pipe piles, 8m square concrete precast piles, wooden piles and other piles. The BY-VH series pile driver has two eccentric shafts, which are driven by a hydraulic motor to generate high-speed rotation and vertical excitation force. After damping the rubber block, it maintains a certain amplitude and can cope with various types of soil and piling requirements.




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