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    Pile breaker joins construction of Jinmen Bridge
    author:beiyi time:2019-02-05 Read:
    Taiwan's Jinmen Bridge cross-sea bridge is about 4.7 kilometers long, with a budget of about 9.1 billion yuan. The Taiwan Administration's approved plan for 1995 and the 2004 Economic Development Association agreed to the construction plan of the Golden Gate Bridge proposed by the Ministry of Communications.

    Taiwan's Jinmen Bridge

    Now, the big and small Golden Gates need to use the traffic boat, 30 minutes, and the sailing time is about 20 minutes. If you encounter typhoon or foggy weather, you will not be able to pass. The Jinmen Bridge is designed to travel at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour. After completion, it will take only 5 minutes to drive to and from the Golden Gate. It can provide an all-weather, stable, convenient and safe land transportation for the Golden Gate people, and at the same time drive the development of the tourism industry in Kinmen.
    However, the project is not only the construction of the sea area, but the seabed is also a hard granite geology. The 2.5-meter-diameter foundation pile must pass through the water depth of 10 meters and then enter the rock disk 2.5 meters. The difficulty is rare for the project. question. The construction process is full of twists and turns. The manufacturer that is currently taking over is the Dongpu Construction Company.
    The Taiwan High Public Security Bureau said that since the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge was restarted on December 28, 2016, the company has invested in various personnel and tools. So far, it has mobilized more than 20 large and small boats, and cooperated with maritime professional manufacturers. On the 12th, overcoming the granite geology, the first pile in the deep trough area was completed. The goal is to complete 94 piles at the end of the year and complete all 176 piles next year.
    The Taiwan High Public Security Bureau pointed out that in order to expand the working surface, the construction of shipbuilding and foundation pile construction equipment will be continuously introduced, and the foundation pile working face of the main bridge and the side bridge section will be expanded. At that time, the construction of the key deep trough area can be fully carried out, and the construction will be greatly improved. rate.
    Not long ago, the staff of Dongpu Construction Company came to BeiYi Machinery to purchase the pile driver. At that time, BeiYi Machinery Pile Breaker joined the construction of Taiwan's Jinmen Bridge.

    BeiYi staffs are loading the pile breaker modules-1

    BeiYi staffs are loading the pile breaker modules-2

    The pile breaker modules are loaded

    BeiYi hydraulic pile breaker could break 2.5m diameter pile head

    BeiYi hydraulic pile breaker adopts a highly modular combination. Through the pin coupling module, it can be combined with different number of modules to cut off a certain range of diameter pile heads.




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