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    The road of “ECO” of BeiYi Machinery
    author:beiyi time:2018-08-12 Read:
    "Zero emission, high intelligence" is not only the strategic goal of BeiYi Machinery, but also the goal of the future of human society. It is to achieve environmental protection and economic benefits. This is what Beibei Machinery is committed to bringing to customers, so that work and Life is easier.

    Zero emission, high intelligence 

    The goal of BeiYi is to have a truly zero-emission product in each product group for the foreseeable future. Many different application examples and satisfactory customers have confirmed that BeiYi has verified the performance and wide application range of these machines in practice.

    Through the zero-emission series, BeiYi has taken another step towards the future, providing customers with a completely zero-emission solution.

    In 2012, the series of pile-driving machines and pile-driving machines launched by BeiYi opened the prelude of "zero emission and high intelligence".

    The road of "ECO" in BeiYi

    The power source of BeiYi pile extractor is hydraulic station, which is driven by the hydraulic station, and the hydraulic station uses electric energy to achieve zero emissions. Like the pile puller, the power source of pile breaker is also hydraulic station, and it can also be driven by an excavator.

    Both the pile extractor and pile breaker are equipped with high-intelligence remote control, allowing users to truly achieve zero-based work, making work and life easier. 

    Remote operation pile extractor
    Hydraulic station driven pile driver

    Excavator drive pile driver
    On January 1, 2018, the "Environmental Protection Tax Law of the People's Republic of China" was officially implemented, clearly stipulating that all environmental protection tax revenues collected by local governments were owned by local governments. Many local governments have strictly strengthened the supervision of construction machinery and pollution. Machinery with excessive emissions are not allowed to go on the road or even face high fines.

    This year's two sessions, the new policy of "speeding up the elimination of old construction machinery", various construction machinery companies have also called for: construction machinery must be forced to sign and scrap! The “Plan” is issued by the Ministry of Communications in June: the key areas are restricted and strictly super-standard, and strict implementation of the road transport vehicle fuel consumption limit access system, and vigorously promote the early phase-out of diesel trucks operating in China standard and below... ..
    National environmental protection trends have become inevitable! BeiYi has always regarded environmental protection as the top priority of product development and production, and as its long-term development goal. 
    The era of intelligence has arrived, and the storm era of the Internet of Everything has not only brought efficiency to BeiYi Machinery, but has also become a new productivity.




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