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    Praise for BeiYi, still work in High temperature
    author:beiyi time:2018-08-04 Read:
    The weather is getting hotter and hotter, the temperature continues to rise. In this High temperature, BeiYi is still working in construction site. The outdoor temperature is up to 40 degree. But BeiYi teaches customer how to install and use the product, including each screw, each pipe, no matter how small they are.
    Installation pile breaker
    The sun is like a fire, there is no wind, no coolness in the messy construction site. Our staff is still stuck here, bathing in the heat wave, and working attentively. 
    Installation pile driver
    Our staff stand the heat and interpret the "artisan spirit" in his heart. Careful maintenance ensure that the machine is operating normally during the summer. 
    Overhaul pile pulling machine 
    A string of sweat beads keeps rolling down the cheeks. It drops in the foot and evaporates instantly. The oil, dust and sweat are mixed together, 
    Overhaul hydraulic shear
    The stains cover the color of the clothes, it reveales the heart of BeiYi. BeiYi is a tough man, a gentle doctor in this hot summer




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