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    How to choose pile breaker? Please listen to me
    author:beiyi time:2018-11-29 Read:
    With the spread of pile breakers in the industry, more and more people are using or planning to use this equipment. The popularity of pile breakers is inseparable from environmental changes, such as the increase in labor costs and the constraints of construction schedules.
    The construction speed of pile breakers is ten times faster than labor. At first, this equipment was produced in foreign countries. In recent years, with the increase of domestic manufacturers, the market has become a mixed market.
    The pile breakers produced by major manufacturers basically adopt a highly modular combination. Through the pin coupling module, the diameter of the pile head is cut off by a combination of different modules. However, the actual number of modules is quite different. For example, the number of modules required to break the 1.5m pile head is different in each major manufacturer. Some need 12 modules, while others need more. It will involve the purchase amount and efficiency in the later period.
    pile breaker

    In addition to the number of modules, the drill stroke of a single module is also different. The drill stroke of the module is different, which means that the degree of breakage of the pile head is not the same within the unit time. The outside of the pile head is obvious, and the internal crushing degree depends mostly on the drill stroke of the module.

    Installer installs pile driver on site
    The weight of the module is another factor in distinguishing the performance of the pile driver. Although the heavier module requires more transportation costs, the weight of the module is closely related to the pressure it bears, as well as the efficiency of the pile breaking and the diameter of the pile that can be broken. Being able to break the larger pile diameter means that the accepted project is not restricted, as long as the corresponding module is added or removed without having to replace the module of another brand.

    The pile breaker broke the 1.3 m cast-in-place


    The pile breaker broke the 2.5 m cast-in-place

    Besides its own capability, the service is also important. For example, the selected logistics speed, the time of installation personnel to the construction site, the after-sales etc.




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