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    HuaDi is Refunding BeiYi is working hard
    author:beiyi time:2018-07-21 Read:
    The 2018 Russia World Cup ended, and the France won at the end. With the marketing advertisement of "If France wins the championship, HuaDi will retreat money", HuaDi is regarded as the "biggest winner" in this year's World Cup. Although BeiYi could not get this, we still does not forget to work hard to create our career.

    France won championship

    From the construction of Winter Olympics. The Inner Mongolia Railway. The Rong-Europe Express Railway. The Chongli Railway. The revetment of the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal. The"green demolition". The Qingdao Summit. BeiYi works hard with the engineers in the infrastructure.

    Winter Olympics construction

    BeiYi Vibratory pile driver used in construction of Winter Olympics
    The Inner Mongolia Railway

    BeiYi hydraulic pile breaker used in The Inner Mongolia Railway
    The revetment of the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal

    BeiYi Vibratory pile driver used in The revetment of the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal

     The "green demolition"

    BeiYi Hydraulic pulverizer used in The "green demolition"
    BeiYi broke traditional marketing model and followed the development of Internet. Every product was delivered directly from our factory to the customer. The installers also followed these products.

    For the "customer first" service tenet, No matter the cold northern or the hot southern,  or the rainy season. Products are prepared to deliver by logistics, express and air transportation. 

    What everyone does not know is that the installers of BeiYi are not the local people around the customers, but the people of Wuxi. In order not to delay customer's construction period, these installers have worked hard and are running around every day.




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