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    What do you need for environmental protection?
    author:beiyi time:2018-07-09 Read:
    According to relevant data, China's scrap steel is currently entering a period of rapid growth, which may reach 300 million tons in the next decade. Scrap iron is one of the main ferrite raw materials for steelmaking. It not only saves energy but also protects the environment.

    Resource recycling
    After more than a decade of economic development and industrialization, China has become the world's largest steel producer and consumer, accounting for about 47% of global steel consumption. With the expansion of China's steel industry, scrap consumption has increased by 14% per year. In 2015, scrap consumption accounted for about 27% of the global total. Much of this amount comes from household and scrap scrap, which increases with steel production and manufacturing.
    Prospective Industry Research Institute "Analysis of Market Demand and Investment Planning of Scrap Industry" shows that China's steel is accelerating into a depreciation era: China's scrap resources have reached 170 million tons in 2016, and from the perspective of China's steel savings, the next five to next decade, China's scrap steel resources will continue to produce large amounts of output. China's steel stocks are expected to reach 7.8 billion tons in 2017. It is estimated that by 2020, China's steel reserves will reach more than 10 billion tons, and scrap resources can reach 200 million tons.
    Scrap steel is a green resource that can be recycled and reused. It can replace pig iron raw material steelmaking in steel production, reduce the process of coking, sintering and iron making, reduce energy consumption, and greatly reduce emissions of waste gas, waste water and waste residue.
    According to industry analysis, compared with steel produced from iron ore, the production of 1 ton of steel from scrap can save 1.6 tons of iron ore, save 0.4 tons of coke, save about 1 ton of raw coal, and reduce 1.6 tons of carbon dioxide and 3 tons of solid waste. emission.
    In the face of the continuous increase in the production and demand for scrap metal and scrapped automobiles in China and around the world, the recycling equipment for scrap metal and scrap metal not only needs to improve production efficiency, increase production capacity, but also needs to be safer and more environmentally friendly.
    BeiYi Machinery has continuously researched and developed the demolition and recycling equipment in construction machinery attachments. Today, the full hydraulic olecranon shears are available. These scissors are suitable for use in different operations, including the demolition of steel structures, the treatment of scrap steel, etc., which can cut iron materials, steel, cans, pipes, etc. The unique design and innovative way of full hydraulic olecranon shears Efficient operation and powerful cutting force, which exceeds the performance of ordinary olecranon by 15%. It provides the best solution for the dismantling, crushing and separation of scrap metal and waste vehicles.
    Hydraulic shear
    Cut off scrap car

    Cut scrap car into pieces

    The hydraulic shear is mounted on the excavator and connected to the excavator through the breaker line to operate efficiently with the kinetic energy of the excavator.
    Hydraulic shears are capable of 360-degree rotation, with a heavy-duty pivot design, strong construction and long-term wear resistance, and high resistance to the seat. Fully hydraulic lancet shears increase productivity through their crotch size and special blade design, which allows quick and easy blade replacement, which reduces mechanical downtime and optimizes productivity. The powerful hydraulic ram of the full hydraulic eagle cutter greatly enhances the closing force of the boring mouth and can cut hard steel.
    BeiYi supports and connects all processes in the process of dismantling, for example: Grapple can quickly transfer and load materials, can scrap the car to the designated station, can load the scrapped car to the disintegration site, hydraulic shear separates scrap metal materials such as glass wires and tires, removes non-ferrous metal parts such as the engine, and removes high-hardness metals such as drive shafts that cannot be broken, and disassembles the car shell into rules by functions such as shearing and tearing. Feed the compressed material or other bulk material into the crush line using a grab.

    Hydraulic steel shear
    The use of hydraulic shears, Grapple and grabs has promoted the development of scrap recycling and reduced industrial risks. This is also the only way for China's steel industry to transform and upgrade and green development.




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