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    BeiYi Pile breaker breaks down railway filling pile
    author:beiyi time:2018-07-09 Read:
    The Chongli Railway, the main road of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Ski Resort, is 53 kilometers long.On June 13th, 2018, the cast-in-place continuous beam of the Tanghu Railway on the elevated bridge of Zhaochuan Town was successfully completed.
    Tang Hu railway across the Chaozhou Super High Bridge is successfully completed
    Zhaochuan Town Elevated Super Bridge is located in Xuanhua District of Zhangjiakou, with a total length of 7,854 meters. The bridge is a comprehensive project. The whole bridge faces the cross-Xuanpeng Railway and the 112 National Highway. The three major challenges of the Tang Hu railway include the 144-meter-long continuous beam spanning the Tang-Hut Railway, a main span of 64 meters and a 40-meter-long span, a total of 240 piers and a maximum pier of 43 meters. Since the construction, the constructors have carefully designed and constructed the construction carefully to ensure that the progress of the project is always under control. After completion of the bridge's lower structure, the upper structure has erected 178 holes of 32-meter double-line box girders. The construction is currently progressing in an orderly manner.
    Zhaochuan Town elevated bridge
    The cast-in-place pile part of the lower structure of the beam was broken by BeiYi Hydraulic Pile Breaker.The pile breaker is a mechanical equipment that can break the cast-in-place pile. Through the power source, it can provide pressure to multiple cylinders of the pile-breaker. The cylinder directly drives the drill rod, simultaneously squeezes the pile and cuts off the pile head. The pile breaker adopts a highly modular combination. Through the pin shaft connection module, a combination of different module quantities can be used to cut off a certain range of diameter pile heads
    Chongli Railway Construction Site
    BeiYi Pile Breaker breaks down piles
    BeiYi Pile Breaker breaks down pile head-1
    BeiYi Pile Breaker breaks down pile head-2

    Constructors in Construction site
    Since the continuous beam started construction on August 14, 2017, the builders have overcome the cold winter in winter in North China, difficulty in hot summer heat, worked overtime, optimized the construction plan, and complied with the law and regulations.
    Besides Chongli Railway, Hebei Province also redeveloped and expanded Zhangjiakou Ningyuan Airport, Beijing-Zhangjiakou High Speed Rail, Yanchong Expressway, and the existing Zhangcheng Expressway. The transportation facilities are mainly railways and highways, supplemented by aviation, and internally and externally connected, and green and low-carbon. Modern Olympic Games comprehensive transportation system.




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