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    Beiyi devotes to "The Belt and Road"
    author:admin time:2018-07-09 Read:
    Chinese President Xi Jinping vowed Sunday to give a fresh impetus to the Belt and Road Initiative, unveiling specific measures to carry forward the inspiring initiative that he called "the project of the century."

    Chinese President Xi Jinping makes speech
    China's decision to scale up financial support for the Belt and Road, after billions of U.S. dollars of investment over the past three years, underscored the country's resolution to push forward the initiative.
    Xi announced an additional 100 billion yuan (about 14.5 billion U.S. dollars) for the Silk Road Fund, set up in 2014 to finance the initiative, and new lending schemes worth 380 billion yuan equivalent.
    In addition, China will encourage its financial institutions to conduct overseas yuan fund businesses with an estimated amount of about 300 billion yuan.
    More than three years since being proposed, the initiative has gone beyond vision and become a reality, delivering tangible benefits to countries along the routes.
    From Mongolia to Malaysia, Thailand to Pakistan and Laos to Uzbekistan, many projects, including high-speed railways, bridges, ports, industrial parks, oil pipelines and power grids, are being built.

    Kenya Mongolian Railway
    Beiyi takes part in “Kenya Mongolian Railway Construction”. Since 1st June 2017 About 300000 people in Kenya have experienced this railway.

    Station of Mongolian Railway
    The Mongolian railway is 480 km, it joins Mombasa East Port and Nairobi (capital of Kenya ).It is the first standard track railway that Kenya has put into use. It is also the largest infrastructure project built by Kenya since its independence.

    Beiyi Vibratory Pile Driver and Hydraulic Pile Breaker etc are used during this construction,

    Beiyi Vibratory Pile Driver in Mongolian Railway Construction

    Beiyi Hydraulic Pile Breaker in Mongolian Railway Construction
    According to the forward planning, The Mongolian railway will eventually connect the 7 countries of Kenya, South Sultan, Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania, Congo, Jin Dongfei, with a total length of 2700 kilometers, and will become a large railway artery in East Africa.




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