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    sustainable development

    Company Culture

    BeiYi firmly believes that only based on the market, taking customer demand as the guidance, focus on product quality. meticulous service as the means. By conscientious and innovative, we could win a place in the fierce market competition. Achieve win-win result and continuous progress.

    Factory picture

    Factory picture

    After years of operation and accumulation, the company has set up production bases in many parts of the country, and its sales network has spread throughout all parts of the country. At present, the products produced by the company have been widely applied in many fields such as construction engineering, bridge engineering, and so on, and have won general recognition and praise from customers in the industry.

    • Factory map
    • Factory map
    • Factory map
    • Factory map

    BeiYi Qualification- Not only one more qualification, but also more of a responsibility

    A strict quality assurance system has been established and a comprehensive and whole process of quality management has been implemented. BeiYi has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification.


      Global Marketing Internet and Site Service

      Based on global development, BeiYi products have been sold to all over the world. The leading technology, the perfect network, the unique management idea, the strong technical ability, make the people put into the first-class service in the pre sale, sale and after sale process of the product.




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